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Our Story

Our Story

Hidden along a back alley in the bustling Plaza Batai, Circa Bar is accessible through a ‘hole in the wall’ and up a spiral staircase. Patrons are required to retrieve a weekly passcode from our Instagram page in order to unlock the bar’s door! Try some of our unique cocktail concoction such as the Edison cocktail (mixture of butterfly pea with Kantan infused gin, rose extract, and cane syrup) or the Yuan Dynasty (a warm brew of Hennessy VSOP, oolong tea infusion, and Osmanthus syrup marinated in orange peel and pandan leaf). With its interior surrounded by brick walls and decked out in vintage mismatched furniture, Circa Bar gives off old Parisian boudoir vibe and creates a welcoming atmosphere for patrons to have a drink and catch up with friends or simply just to have fun and groove to our signature R&B tunes.


Our Location

Find us at the back alley between B.IG and Yellow Brick Road at Plaza Batai, go through the ‘hole in the wall’ and take the spiral staircase up. retrieve the weekly passcode from the Circa’s Instagram page, and enter it on the phone to unlock the bar’s door.

Opening hours are :

Sunday – Monday 5pm – 1am
Tuesday – Saturday 5pm – 3am

Call : +60 14 726 2474
Email : enquiry@circabarkl.com


Contact Us

Booking a table is easy, just fill up the form below. And if you experience any difficulties or have any special requests, feel free to email us at enquiry@circabarkl.com

or call us at +60 14 726 2474